Sunday, March 13, 2011

Metro Dash 2010

I just realized I completely forgot to post about the Metro Dash in Seattle!

The start of the "Little Panda's" ...
Such a great experience with my Crossfit buds

Izzy made this video to sum up Metro Dash, love it!!
Tire flipping, gauntlet jumping, stair running, tabada fun, and burpee goodness ... little taste of the joys of crossfit :) 

And a few hours later, we all survived!


Rachel said...

Go Kelsey, you rock. Everyone that does crossfit looks like they are in amazing shape!

Ashley said...

How fun!!

Teresa said...

That is AMAZING Kelsey!
You must be a ROCK!
You go GIRLIE!

Beth said...

wow. I don't know what crossfit is, but I'm going to have to find out!

Brown Girl said...

I need to start up Crossfit so I can look half as good as you all do!!

Jax said...

Girl, you freaking ROCK my socks off! You're hard core. See.. there are a zilion reasons we should live near each other and working out with you is totally one of them! Way to go!

Meghan said...

1. is that brian shannon? fun!
2. i think i would love cross fit
3. nice work

Jayme said...

Wow, that is a fit bunch of people. I need to get on the crossfit bandwagon!

Kelly Marie said...

aww that looks like such fun!!

Laura said...

You go girl!!! :) What an awesome workout!!

Jessica said...

Dang girl! Go on with your bad self! That's seriously awesome. ;)

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