Saturday, August 8, 2009

Making my rounds

Photo found here

Who would have thought that someone in the UK and INDIA would read my blog!!!

SiteMeter tells about the site audience ....
where they are located, what sites they came from, what sites they clicked to.
I could play on here for hours!


Team Alix said...

Kelsey- Thanks for stopping by my blog- Kelly's Korner is helping us make all kinds of new connections, huh?

I was curious if you've had any trouble with SiteMeter? I can't get it to work for me- it sends me an update weekly and it always says I've had no hits... and yet I know its not true because I have comments! Any suggestions?

Emily Dupuis Powell said...

yeah, it's pretty fun and handy too!

Heather said...

That is very cool.

Jen said...

Very cool! I use Google Analytics - it's pretty cool too!

Fabiola said...

Kelsey, I got here from Kelly's corner. And you can count someone from Brazil who reads your blog too : )


Carol said...

Thats so cool! I'll have to cheek it out. Hope you had a great weekend!

Team Alix said...

Kelsey- thanks for the comment- I got SiteMeter to work! I had forgotten to add the html to my site, so it was never connecting! Stop in again soon and thanks for your encouragement!

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