Monday, August 3, 2009

Wedding Dance vs. Divorce Dance

I am sure ya'll have all seen this YouTube video ....
(I think my parents would kill me if I surprised them with this entrance!)

And this one is even better ....


Ashley said...

Yea I saw these. Everyone kept sending me videos because my wedding is now right around the corner. They are funny, but I could NEVER do something like that and take away from the traditional part of a wedding.

Carol said...

So funny! I didn't know they did a follow up! p.s. GREAT job on the blogger recruiting!

Tracy-Girl said...

I did see this!! I was laughing so hard... did you hear it only took them ONE hour to film this? Crazy, right!?

the tichenor family said...

I saw the wedding dance... thought the bridal party was cute... BUT NOT THE BRIDE!

You have to play along with my new shopping feature, check out the family blog!! xoxo

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