Thursday, March 22, 2012

Draw Something

Have you heard of Draw Something?  It's the newest game on the iPhone and iPad, and I must say it is the MOST entertaining game I've played in awhile.  My artistic side is out in full force, and I have laughed more at this game than I thought I ever would.  The best part is watching the other person draw, erase, start over, and change their drawing before submitting it for you to guess.  Hysterical and the best.  Go download it, stat!!

When it's your turn, you can choose a word that's easy, medium, or hard.

Then, you have a few colors to pick from and even pen thickness.
I am about to be able to buy more colors - Currently, I have 220 coins!

This is one of my favorite drawing, who knew hubs could draw so well!

Draw Something was written up on Business Insider here as the "Pictionary" for iOS and one of the most downloaded apps.  

Are you late to the party or are you hooked too!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crossfit OPEN 12.4

Since I'm using this to track my progress in the Crossfit OPEN, 
I wanted to be sure to post an update from 12.4.

150 Wall Ball is a benchmark worked in CrossFit called "Karen," then for this workout we had to complete 90 Double Unders and with remaining time Muscle-Ups (which I've never done).  

I was able to get through the 150 WB, 90 DU, and had 2 minutes to attempt muscle ups, with no success.  It would have been a miracle to get one when push came to shove as they are a complicated and TOUGH movement that not a ton of gals have.  It takes some serious upper body strength.  On the other hand, Gabe made got through the WB, DU, and got 10 musle ups, woohoo!

Ironically hubs and I are both sitting 13% in the NW region AND individually in the #3 spot (for men and women) at Northwest Crossfit.  This next week will be key for us to hold our standing to be able to compete on the NWCF team at regionals!!!  No pressure .... RIGHT!

Only one workout left ...

Monday, March 19, 2012

St Pattys Day

My St. Patty's Day started with my favorite morning pick-me-up!  My protein spinach smoothie kick, going on 2 months now consuming every morning.

Many asked the type of protein I use, and we are ON lovers.  I thought I would include a snapshot of my smoothing fixin's, which is always evolving but this is it 90% of the time!

The Seattle Smith's Protein Spinach Smoothie
- 1 cup of Spinach
- 2 tsp Almond Butter
- 2 tsp Greek Yogurt
- 1 splash Almond Milk
- 1 pinch of flax-seed
- 1/2 banana (not pictured)
- 1/2 cup water
- 1/2 cup ice

I personally don't add an abundance of fruit to my smoothies (normally I do include half a banana) as I try to add other nutrition like good fats and proteins in place of berries.  Every now and then I will add a a pear or strawberries since Gabe won't eat!

Second agenda item was to run the St. Patty's Day Dash, 
which I did last year too!

A 3.6 mile trek through Downtown Seattle

My running pacer and crossfit bestie - Haley

I was super pleased with our time as we had a great pace and ran almost 4 miles under 30 minutes!  We were moving in that dreary drizzle :)   Our morning was complete with a great run and ventured over to Einstein Bagels, which is the only location in the NW and my absolute favorite study spot in college.  Their vanilla hazelnut coffee is THE best.

Last stop was WestElm - What a gorgeous store!

I am so excited about my new bedding for the guest bedroom.
(DKOR interiors from WestElm's Fbook - not my room, but my new bedding)

Hope your weekend was perfect.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Foundation Brush

I was recently putting on my makeup in the car and a girlfriend called me out on using a "not so" foundation brush when putting on my Chantecaille foundation!  I didn't think anything of it until I was with another girlfriend and saw her foundation brush.  Apparently, I have been using a baby version and creating so much more work for myself.  Thank goodness for friends to keep in line with beauty!

My shipment just arrived as I just ordered a new Smashbox Foundation #13 brush, so it would match my other brushes.  I'm already in love!!!

           And what a deal to get it on sale on Apothica for $25

Next honest question, how often do you clean your foundation brush?  
After each use, weekly, or not so regularly. 
Happy Friday lovelies!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crossfit Open 12.3

Well another week came and went, and I feel like I am kind of getting use to this "competition" thing.  Gabe and I completed the 3rd of the 5 crossfit OPEN workouts, and this week was ....

It was a grueling 18 minutes workout having to pace myself through box jumps, push press, and toes to bar.  BUT, I'm mostly just excited I learned to link my toe to bar the night this workout was posted.  I would have lost too much time doing one rep at a time, so thanks to the Northwest Crossfit coaches and Gabe, I got quick at them just in time.  

Here's some evidence that 108 reps of 75# push press are HEAVY

For my parents/grandparents, fast forward to 5:55 and you can see me!

Thanks to this workout, I climbed a few spots to the top 12% (#154 out of 1,217) and Gabe is #252 out of 1,735), eeeeekkkk!

Tick, tock, tick, tock, I wait until 5pm for the next workout.
So very thrilling AND nerve-wracking!

Monday, March 12, 2012

I caved with the mini-egg

I was leisurely strolling through Target during my lunch hour because it's one of my favorite places to look aimlessly, and all the neon was just too much!  Seriously, it's everywhere, are you a fan?

Bright colors and risque design gone wrong ...
Sorry Target, what were you thinking?

Eeeeeek, I finally caved and bought my first bag of Mini Cadbury Eggs.
They are MY absolute fav and I will crossfit hard for every egg :)

I kinda want another bag.  What's your favorite Easter candy?

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  It was pretty low key for us with a constant drizzle in Seattle.  Maybe I should give in and buy all the bright colors since I'm not getting the vitamin D in Seattle.  I'm ready for sun, boating season, sunnies, and longer days now that the clocks sprung forward.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crossfit Open Wod 12.2

There is so much excitement for us crossfitters who are in the "OPEN" because we anxiously wait for Wednesday at 5pm.  The website is updated with that weeks workout, which then consumes me for the next few days until I get to compete on Saturday.  Not sure who picks the workouts, but they have not been the most creative.  I will be honest and say that after last weeks 7 minutes of the same movement (burpee hell), I wasn't thrilled after hearing this week was 10 minutes of also ONE movement.  Good ole' power snatches, once again one movement.  There is a lot that goes into every workout, so not to say that one movement makes it easier, because it doesn't whatsoever, but definitely monotonous. 

Here is a clip of a-whole-lotta-snatches from my crossfit gym in Bellevue.  Next time I'll be sure to sign up for a slot at a different time of the videographer so I can make the video :)

Reebock is the proud CrossFit sponsor - this tank is calling my name!

And lastly, I know I talk about CrossFit a lot on my blog and for those of you wanting a little more information to know what we are about ... check out this video.  There's definitely more hype around CrossFit now than when I started 3yrs ago, and I love it.  I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser is competing in the 2012 Crossfit Open AND even training his contestants in CrossFit movements on the show.  Super exciting to see as it's absolutely functional movements for everyone - no matter your physical strength, endurance, and/or current fitness level.

I love me some crossfit, it never gets old!

I'm sitting the top 15% of the NW gals and Gabe's in the top 8% of NW men.
The Seattle Smith's are ready for WOD 12.3, wishing for a metcon!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Little things in life

Caffeine is one of little pleasures that I love indulging in
and I consume all of the below (except mochas).

I am so excited about the darling espresso mugs I found at World Market!
I might of even had an extra shot to try multiple colors :)

Prior to these colorful gems, we had two black boring espresso mugs that I bought back in like 2008 when I surprised Gabe with the DeLonghi espresso maker.  I purchased it in hopes that he would reduce the daily $4 Starbucks runs and make coffee at home.  But, to be honest it was too time consuming to make at 6:30am, so it sat in our pantry and collected dust.  I almost sold it on Craiglist multiple times, but held out with hopes it would be used, one day.
After Thailand this past October, we fell back in love with espresso after that's all they served, and I have been making us espresso with almond milk - pretty legit - each and every morning right after our protein spinach smoothies.

It's our routine, and the perfect start to our morning.

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