Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Winner: Cubes

And the winner of the stunning Kirkland Lattice Cubes ... Neely!!!
Congrats girl -- Contact me with your info.

(yes I still have to take a photo of my screen as I didn't want to pay for the widget)

AND, remember that one time I wanted to go on vacation and really do so the "adventure" way by planning as I actually traveled?!?  Well, let's just say that as each few days pass, I am booking something.  HAHA, I think I am too much of a planner that it just gives me anxiety to go-with-the-flow!  

So, I am off to continue booking .... 
Let the countdown begin, it's getting so close :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Viking/Pirates Death Match

And this is how our weekend went down ...
Gabe and I pulled out our inner Viking for a highly thought out 
"Death Match" on Lake Sammamish.
6+ boats battling it out with sling shots, water balloons, and squirt guns.

We have the most outrageously fun group of friends that keep like interested with activities like these.  Doesn't this make you want to hang out with us, hah, I kid I kid!

Cracks me up every time - check out hubs wild sunnies

Fun in the sun for sure ... love Seattle summers!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Will you be?

Maid ... Maid of Honor might come top of mind, 
BUT I mean "maid" as in cleaning lady!

My mom was a rockstar while growing up and still to this day being solely responsible for the cleaning around the house.  Dad definitely helped out, but she took on the task majority or the time.  Then, on the other hand, my brother and I only had to do chores when company was coming in town.  And because of this, cleaning does not come easy to me nor is it at all enjoyable.  I am toying with the thought of paying someone to come 1-2x a mth considering hubby and I are super busy, work full time, and most of all don't really enjoy it.  Oh what to do, what to do.  

Do you have a cleaning lady?!

**AND, last chance to post for the Lattice Cube Giveaway -- Click Here!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Trader Joe's

Super thankful for my neighborhood supermarket,
Trader Joe's, I just love ya!!!

I try to get all my grocery goodies from TJ because let's be honest, they have everything at such a resonable price.  Move over Central Market because my go-to items at TJ are always spicy hummus, dips, fruit, veggies, chips, nuts, salad, wine, and desserts.  AND, the best part of my shopping experience is snagging a baby cup of coffee and sampling a taster that I most often am lured into buying.

My momma is the best gift giver ... Trader Joe's giftcards, love it!  And considering she was the one that introduced me to it in Cali, it's quite fitting.  Who doesn't love free groceries?!

I am always excited to try new finds at Trader Joe's, 
so please share what your favorite find is if you are a TJ shopper!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giveaway: Lattice Cubes

This has been a super duper awfully stressful pass week, and I can't wait to update you all with what's been going on with the Seattle Smith's as we have been quite busy.  But in the mean time till I can buy myself some time to keep my loyal readers happy.  After seeing how big of a hit the Kirkland Organizer was, I am excited to offer another fabulous item from Kirkland's ... they just have it all it seems and at such a reasonable price!  

What is The Seattle Smith's blog giving away now?!

The Lattice Cube shelves:

- Set includes 8"Lx8"H, 10"Lx10"H, & 12"Lx12"H cube shelf

- 5" deep crafted of wood composites 
- Matte black finish
- Lattice openwork design 
- Innovative accessory to display favorite items

Click here for the official rules set forth by Kirkland's.

To enter this giveaway and win the Lattice Cube Shelves:

1.  Leave a comment on your go-to store to shop for home decor

2.  Tweet about this giveaway with a link
3.  Blog about this giveaway

Good luck - You have until Aug 28th at 12pm PST to enter!
I will use Random.Org to generate the winner.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I don't think I have personally loved a poster more.  Being the "worrier" that I am, my hope is to look back on my life and be able to say these things.  It's about doing what you love, enjoying the ride, and loving life.  Sign me up, yesterday!!   :)

Maybe waking up with this on my bedside table would be inspiring and impactful.  Yes sir'y!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Partners in Pain

Gabe and I participated in our first crossfit competition with NW Crossfit
Our gym has a location in Greenlake, Ballard, and Bellevue, and the great thing about this "throwdown" was it compiled members from all three locations in one spot for some friendly competition.

The girls looking lovely before our 3 WODs!

Gabe loving front squats

Joe and me mid burpee-boxjumps - intense right!!

And the event planner himself, Darren

Group action shot

And I saved the best for last - 
Sean put together a video to capture bits and pieces,
and this is mostly for family to see what I do each and every day!

Who LOVES crossfit --- me me me me!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Winner: Organizer

First and foremost I want to announce the winner of Kirkland's Organizer!
Congrats Lil' Woman, contact me with your personal info :)

Secondly, on a more serious note, did you hear about the Indiana State Fair collapsing at the Sugarland concert?  This is the most terrifying video and just shocking as you can tell people didn't know what to do.  Can you even imagine?  Sadly, 40 are injured and 5 have died thus far ... praying for the families of everyone affected by this tragedy.  

Lastly, Gabe and I are enjoying our lazy Sunday as we are recovering from yesterday insanely active day.  We competed in our first crossfit competition ... "Partners in Pain Throw-down."  More to come!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thailand on the horizon

Google Images

It's official ... I booked out trip to Thailand!!!!
Eeeeek!  It is so much more surreal since the flights have been booked.  Now let the real planning begin.

***A HUGE thank you to all my readers who reached out on Twitter and email to have their friends contact me regarding their Thailand travels.  I am SO appreciative and still am trying to soak up every contact I can to really experience the best parts of Thailand.  Please reach out to me if you haven't done so already :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Giveaway: Organizer

All of my teacher friends are going back to work, and it seems like people are in absolute organization mode.  So, with big thanks to Kirkland's, I have just the organizer piece for you as we all could use some more organization in our life :)  I've already put mine together in the closet and love it.

What is The Seattle Smith's blog giving away now?!

A 5 piece complete set includes
- Six-shelf hanging shirt/sweater rack
- Ren-shelf hanging shoe rack
- Drawer for loose items/accessories
- Bedside storage caddy
- Drawstring laundry bag

Click here for the official rules set forth by Kirkland's.

To enter this giveaway and win the Complete Organizer:
1.  Leave a comment on your most quirky organization habit!!
2.  Tweet about this giveaway and direct your tweeters to this post

Good luck - You have until Aug 13th at 10pm PST to enter!
I will use Random.Org to generate the winner.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Friends and Lake Washington ... sums up Seafair in Seattle pretty well! Then add the Blue Angles show to top it off as an experience for sure.  We had the most wonderful weekend soaking up the sun, hanging out with friends, and enjoying our time with each other.  We couldn't have asked for anything more.

This was the first of the last five years 
that we got to see the Blue Angels show 3x ... Incredible to see the fly directly over you!

***And for all my Bachelorette readers ***
We were at a party next door to Chantel's parents house where they filmed last year, so I had to take a pic.  She was out on the deck the following day with her new boyfriend who is supposedly much cuter than Brad.  And, yes, they have a man-made beach :)

Now, I just wish I had a day to catch up on my sleep .... and get out of my food coma from Salty's brunch on Alki.  It was probably the most impressive buffet I have ever been to, and with a price tag of $44.95 we all tried to get our moneys worth!!

Seafair, always a Seattleites' favorite, sad to see you come and go so fast, 
but Gabe and I sure did enjoy the THREE DAYS of fun!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sheltered without Cable

I went to college without ever having TV be any importance of my life ....
Instead of TV, I worked, studied, and soaked up being a "kid" ...
Oddly, my parents didn't get cable until I left for college ....
and I vow to never have a TV in the bedroom ...

Now is where I share that I am a reality TV junkie. 
I fill my life with so many other great things that I'm okay with it admiting it, but sometimes I should probably quit adding more to my TiVo!  Although, it brings me joy and enjoy watching most of it with hubs.

Right now shows that make me happy:
- SYTYCD (I want to dance like them all and loved the Final 8)
- Flipping Out (Jeff Lewis I love you)
- Real Housewives of every city! (love love love)
- Celebrity Rehab w/ Dr. Drew (mind boggling to see addiction)
- Bachelorette (Thank goodness it's over - painful this yr)
- Project Runway (gives me creative juices)
- Tosh.0 (inappropriate but funny)

I just learned about & will soon be hooked I'm sure:
- Sweet Home Alabama (Southern Belle version of Bachellorette, heyo!)
- Texan Women (have you seen it?)

Can't wait for:
- Most Eligible Dallas (I know 3 of the 6 people bahah!)
- Bachelor Pad (How can you not!)

Are they any I'm missing?!
Other favorites that aren't silly include 60 Minutes, Dateline, 20/20

Monday, August 1, 2011

Thailand Tidbits?

Happy Monday readers - Hope your weekend was fab.

I'm in the process and trying to nail down a trip to Thailand this fall.
Are there any readers from Thailand by chance?
OR any readers who have been to Thailand?

If so, I NEED YOU!

I want to go to Bangkok and see the Floating Market - Wild right!

and travel in a Tuk Tuks without being ripped off!

I want to rideeeeee an elephant in Chaing Mai and Trek it

And lastly, I want to go to Koh Tao and stay in a bungalow!!

Any advice and recommendations would be MUCH appreciated.
Email away at

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