Monday, August 1, 2011

Thailand Tidbits?

Happy Monday readers - Hope your weekend was fab.

I'm in the process and trying to nail down a trip to Thailand this fall.
Are there any readers from Thailand by chance?
OR any readers who have been to Thailand?

If so, I NEED YOU!

I want to go to Bangkok and see the Floating Market - Wild right!

and travel in a Tuk Tuks without being ripped off!

I want to rideeeeee an elephant in Chaing Mai and Trek it

And lastly, I want to go to Koh Tao and stay in a bungalow!!

Any advice and recommendations would be MUCH appreciated.
Email away at


Brittany said...

YAY!!! How fun is that. Good Luck with your planning.

Marian said...

Um, are a world traveler!! So jealous. And how funny, I think I have a friend who traveled to Thailand a few years ago!! I'll shoot her an email to confirm and get her feedback for you:)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh my gosh!! Sooooo fun!!! I have never been to Thailand, but its on my list! I was hoping to go this winter, but I'm thinking with time off and stuff it may have to wait until winter 2013 - even though that seems so far off! :( I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Sara said...

My advice would be you need me to go with you! haha that sounds so amazing!!!

Tanya said...

A trip to Thailand would be a dream - it's one of the items on my very long life list. You should add 'play with baby tigers' to your itinerary :)

Mateya said...

How fun! You guys are always doing such fun stuff...that's great!

Carolyn said...

Thailand would be SO COOL!!

Kyle said...

We went to Thailand two years ago, and it was the most amazing experience. When in Chiang Mai, you have to go to Patara Elephant Farm. It is a lot more expensive than other places, but they treat the animals humane. You will forever be changed after you go. You spend the entire day bathing, riding and feeding the elephants.

If you have time, go to Cambodia as well. I would say that I loved Cambodia more than Thailand, though for very different reasons.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Ohhh fun! Sorry no advice here!

Jane @ In the Pink and Green said...

Oh Em Gee, Thailand seems amazing! I have never been, so sadly I don't have any advice, but I am so looking forward to reading all about your planning and your trip because it's a place I would love to visit one day!! Yay for world travel! :)

Lil' Woman said...

Sounds like an awesome trip....good luck : )

Raven said...

umm I have no suggestions as I have never been there, but after those gorg pics, I wanna go!

Are you going just for a spontaneous trip? If so, in the words of Napoleon... "Luuuuuuuccckkyyy!!!!!"

Liesl said...

How FUN! Have a lovely time planning! Thailand is beautiful and I think you will love it...especially the black sand beaches! I must get back there!

Lies :)

Virginia Belle said...

I've never been to Thailand, so I can't really help. But I can't resist sharing how jealous I am of you. Thailand sounds like such an amazing place to visit!

Bobbi said...

I've never been to Thailand but I've heard it's absolutely beautiful!
From pictures I've seen, Phuket looks amazing too!

LG said...

That is gonna be an awesome trip! I sent a link to this post to a friend who I think may be able to give you some great feedback! ( desigirl)

Meliha said...

Hi! I was referred to your site by LG. I'll try to send you an email later with some information. (What time of year are you going btw?)
I also reached out to a few of my friends who are travel bloggers, and I think at least a couple of them will be contacting you via email. Hope that helps... :)


Legal Nomads said...

I would definitely skip the floating markets in Bangkok and opt for Ampawa's markets (also afloat) instead. The Bangkok version has become quite the tourist scene; Ampawa remains beautiful and a genuine way for people to get their food.

I'd also think about skipping elephant riding in Chiang Mai. The treks and elephant rides can be quite exploitative up there - instead, take a bus to Mae Hong Son and do a trek there with Friend Tour, and get your elephant fix with the incredible Elephant Nature Park, which is a rehabilitation centre that takes in abused elephants. It's an incredible experience.

Happy to provide more suggestions via email.

Safe travels and be sure to eat lots of street food!

Mobile Lawyer said...

When are ya'll going to be in SE Asia? I'll be there from Oct-Dec or so. Would love to meet you guys.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That would be such an amazing trip!!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Thank you all for the tips!!! I'm so appreciative!

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