Monday, May 3, 2010

Wishful Wed Topic ....Fluent

Here's a random one for ya,
This week's topic:

'I wish' .... I was fluent in another language in addition to English, and it would be ________!

I was driving today and this one popped in my head :)

Most of you know the routine by now, but for my new readers .... Give yourself something fun to blog/post about on Wednesday to get you over the lovely hump day.  All you have to do is come back on Wednesday, attach the button, and link up with your web address with MckLinky.   It's that easy and SUPER FUN!


Anonymous said...

Ooo! Excited for this one! Enjoy your Tuesday... See ya Wednesday! :)

Juliana said...

Fun! I hope you are having a nice week!

Lil' Woman said...

I would def. choose Spanish...when I lived in FL it would have really helped.

Ashley said...

Ooh, this will be a fun one! I gave your blog an award! Details on my blog!

Jami said...

Love this idea! I wish it was the weekend :)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

That's a great topic! Hmmmm, maybe French??

Anonymous said...

Spanish! I studied it religiously in undergrad and I wish I would have kept up with it better!

Great question - beautiful blog - thanks for following Life of Meg!!

Hope your Wednesday is lovely!


Caroline said...

Spanish! I know some, but not enough. A huge percentage of my kids at school are hispanic and I would love to know exactly what they are saying to each other! ;)

Jenni said...

Oh, this is going to be hard for me!

Adrienne said...

hmmm this one is too easy for me but I might play along =)

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