Monday, September 28, 2009

Wishful Wed. Topic .... Pet

'I wish' .... My pet could talk because I have been dying to know _____!
Also, post a pic of your animal(s)
*if you don't have a pet, what would you want to know.  

Copy the new button and post away on this coming Wednesday.
Also, I will have MckLinky attached, so come back :)

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Bowen Family said...

What a cute blog. Nate sure had a lot of nice things to say about you. I hope we get to meet sometime. Otherwise we can just stalk each others blogs:)

Elizabeth Marie said...

OHHHH! I love the new design! Love it lady!

And this topic is HILARIOUS. I often wonder what my Bella would say...I'm scared haha!

Simone said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!
Your blog looks absolutely wonderful - great layout and design :)
Best wishes from London, England,
Simone :)

Ian & Jess said...

I wish my blog looked like yours - Cheers to gorgeous blogs :-)

Heather said...

I'm new to your blog (I can't even remember how I found it! Kelly's Korner, maybe?!) Anyway, I love this post. I have two dogs and many times I have wondered what they think. Can't wait to join in. :)

WestSacHoney said...

omg I wish my dog could talk too and I have a yorkie named Harley!! Too funny!! Love your blog new follower!

Ashley said...

OK, FOUND IT! I don't know why it was not showing up before!


Whitney said...

Kelsey - the new blog looks great! Love it!

MCW said...

Love the new blog and love the new WW button!

The Fletchers said...

LOVE the new blog!!!! I wish I had a pet so I could participate in Wishful Wednesday! :)

SassyCassie said...

I love this topic-I really hope I have time to do it this week :)

the wardlow's said...

I LOVE your new blog design - really cute!!! Cant wait for tomorrow's topic!!!!! I know just what i'd ask Kingsley!!!!

landlocked bride said...

I wish my pet could talk so I knew what she was thinking. My yorkie has so much character that I just wish I had an inkling of what was going through that little head of hers.

The Wife said...

I posted the furbaby as a puppy and am dying to know who he loves more...the husband or myself...even though I pretty much know the answer!

DesBisoux said...

...if it's that fun to chew pens, glasses, plastic boxes and T-pex...
thanks for stopping by my wee blog, dear!
yours is just lovely! have a great day!

Anonymous said...

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