Friday, September 11, 2009

Vaca in Tahoe Part 2

Tahoe is officially one of my favorite places!

All of the wedding festivities look place in the Northstar Village
which made it really nice for the guests of a destination wedding!

A big group of us went out for the first night we were there,
and the group just kept growing as more guests arrived into town.

The beautiful bride and me
Getting ready for some yummy sushi!
Then Saturday, all of the guys went golfing at Coyote Moon ....
While a group of us went to the pool, observed the tables and chairs being set up at Grammy's house, and did last minute planning for the wedding.
Isn't the view amazing?!?
It overlooks the Northstar Golf Course
Leaving the village to the rehearsal
My favorite Pfizer ladies .... plus the bride of course!
Rehearsal dinner at a cute wine bar
I look over and catch the boys checking sports on their blackberry!
Not sure what this game was called, but it was so real!  haha.
Using a gold necklace, move it up and down ten times, and then hold it directly over the palm of your left hand.  If it spun in a circle, then that means you're having a girl, and if it moved in a straight line then you're having a boy.  You repeat these steps until it doesn't spin and just hangs, which means no more kids.  We played this game WAY too long, and did it to over and over again to most every person in the room ... and the results were always the same!  
Gabe and I both did it, and "the necklace" told us we are going to have a girl, boy, and then a girl!

(I am not the best person to give an explanation, but I would totally show you in real life if I could!)

Katie getting marital advice from my hubby and her brother in law!!

** I promise only one more post from my vacation/girlfriends wedding .... and it's the BIG day!



Ashley said...

Does it have to be a GOLD necklace? What about White Gold or Silver?

Ashley said...

So I just did it with my white gold necklace twice and I got the same results both times....CRAZY!!! Im gonna have a boy and then a girl, wooohoo ;)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Supposedly white or yellow gold. Not silver!

I know you are going to go try this, so I will try and give more details to ya :) The left palm should be upside down and all of the fingers touching except the left thumb. That gap is where the necklace is dropped between 10x, but cannot touch. If you touch the person, then start over. Also, pull the necklace tight (so it's not twisted) before you start counting.

Does that make any sense?

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Now do it to your hubby!!!! I never believe in silly things lke this, but it works everytime I have seen it done!

♥Aubrey said...

Never tried that game before...guess i took my chances huh??!!
Looks like you had a lot of F.U.N lady. Adorable dress by the way.

Cat* said...

Kelsey I love your style(!) and the dress you're wearing on the pictures is gorgeous!
Happy weekend :)

Llama said...

Wow! I want to go there, it seems completely amazing! BTW you and your friends are all freakin' gorgeous! There are go to be some beautiful pictures from that wedding! That game with the necklace is crazy! I want to try that! LOL! So glad you had a nice time! Enjoy your weekend!!

katie + bret said...

How fun! destination weddings are the best! We got married in Mexico and it was so nice having all our friends come down for basically one big party!!

Great outfits!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I loved your blue top! Super cute!

Christa said...

Looks like ya'll had such a wonderful time! I love that blue shirt your wearing in your first picture!! It looks adorable on you!

Jane said...

Wow looks like you had an amazing time indeed!!

Ash said...

I did the test with my wedding ring and a string and it said girl boy girl too each time I did. I did it to Shane and his said the same...looks like it might be right

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

I didn't do this game, but well I'd be interested to see if it really says the baby in my belly is a boy.

It's actually an old wives tale not a game - just for the record. They used it to guess back before ultrasounds. Neat huh?

Kelly said...

this looks like a BLAST!!!!! you and your friends are darling!!! love all the pictures.

and what a crazy game! might have to try it out :)

thank you for the email! very helpful. hope your weekend is going well


Ian & Jess said...

you ladies look gorgeous!

Shanny said...

Wow the place looks amazing! Love the pics, wanna become my personal shopper? love your clothes!

Sarah said...

Love the pics! Looks like you had a great time

Annie said...

so many more great pics!! all you ladies look beautiful, so many cute dresses!
i'm going to have to try out the necklace thing!

Ashley said...

Ok so I did it to Jared today and he got the same results as me (boy, then girl). I guess whenever we start trying for a family, we will know if its true ;)

SassyCassie said...

I love that blue ruffled shirt you're wearing-so cute!

That necklace game sounds interesting-I've never heard of it before.

sarah said...

I have never been to Tahoe, but it looks BEAUTIFUL!

Sole Matters said...

i love that green dress!!! i am still working on the give-away thing!

Anonymous said...

I love that shirt you have on in the first few pictures -- too cute!

southern daze said...

I lived in South Shore for about 8 years and miss it immensely! You can't beat summer in Tahoe and the amazing smell of pine in the air -- oh how I love it!!

Thanks for your comment on my blog tonight. I look forward to reading yours. Love the idea of "wishful wednesday." I don't have the energy to do a full post so I'll just tell you that I wish I was Ina Garten. Love her and her simple, laid back style of entertaining. One day I aspire to be as confident in my entertaining as she is!

p.s. Where did you find the gorgeous blue/turquoise top you have on in the beginning of this post? It's gorgeous!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

For all your sweet bloggers who are wondering where I got the blue/turquoise shirt ... it's from Target. I bought it right before the trip, so I am sure it is still there!!

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