Sunday, February 8, 2009

There are nice people still out there in the world.

I had a fantastic, non-stop, on the go, busy day today!

It started out with a great Crossfit workout in Seattle ... that was free! Crossfit is an incredible workout that is similar to old school military training with no machines and equipment. They use medicine balls, wheels, jump ropes, climbing ropes, and have crazy .... crazy routines. The workouts consist of normally three circuits and can vary from 20 to 30 minutes, and it is one of the most intense workouts of my life. The goal is to get through a workout without ANY rest, and by the end of the session you want to absolutely die! It is super fun and a nice change of pace from my normal workouts at the gym.

So, I had a great workout and was ready for a cup of java from my favorite place, Panera! I load in my work laptop, box of modules to study from, notebook to take notes on, and I plan on studying for a good five hours. I was really getting a lot accomplished in the back corner, facing a wall, and have headphones in my ears to use as earplugs (music would distract me). This lady sits directly next to me with her husband and two kids, which is fine .... except when she insisted on using this lunch experience to teach her one year old child how to have proper manners. "No, slow down Micky. No sir, we don't grab. Micky, put that down ... 1,2,3 .... Mommy is only going to ask you again. Micky do you want to follow Mommy to the trash can. Let's wait our turn."

OH MY GOODNESS! I was going to kill her (not actually), but it was driving me crazy~! She finally left, and I was so very thankful. I studied a bit longer, and then left to meet Mollie and Katie for a fun filled afternoon to run errands.

We went to a scrapbook store to get some ideas for Katie's wedding invitations. Then, we went to the outlet malls to help Mollie find new work clothes, and we shut the store down. She found great deals at our Banana Republic outlet, and I did not buy one thing. I told myself I was going in to find stuff for her and be her personal shopper! It's funny how things don't look that amazing when you have the mindset that you really don't need anything.

As I walked into the door this evening at 8:30pm, I realized my hands seemed empty and as if I was missing something. I walked back out to my car to make sure I gathered everything since I have not been home since 8:30 this morning.

Well, that's funny (I thought to myself) .... where is my computer? And my box of modules that I had with me at Panera? Oh my, where is my notebook that I took notes in all day. Hmmm, I LEFT IT AT PANERA! I immediately flip out, google Panera on my phone to get their number, and start dialing away. I worry that they will be closed on a Sunday evening, and I was so excited to have a gentlemen finally pick up the phone. I was still panicky while trying to describe to him that I left a whole bunch of things over five hours ago at the front door. Thank goodness he had it in the back, and I was comforted to know that there are still nice people out there in the world!

My heart is still beating way too fast! I realized it was not worth me refilling my cup of coffee for the 100th time since it made me get sidetracked and leave all of my belongings in the entry way of the restaurant. Ah, what a relief that they have it, and I just have to hope it is still there in the morning!

Hey, at least now I have another excuse to get Panera coffee in the morning! Their drip coffee is 10x better than Starbucks drip. Plus, they give you a punch card :)

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