Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hood Canal Round 2

This past weekend we went to the Hood Canal for round two. There was a total of 14 of us, and it was a fun laid back weekend. This visit, we stayed at Mollie's cabin and believe it or not there were enough beds, a hideaway bed, and air mattresses for us all. I was still feeling incredibly under the weather, but thankfully I was feeling like my normal self on Saturday. Overall, we ate, and ate, and ate, but the delicious food was well worth the calories :) So, we all took a long along the Canal and enjoyed the sun.

The dogs were in heaven, and I think Willis got more attention this weekend than he has had in his life. Plus, how can you not love Willey when he is so laid back and will take some good loving every now and then. I envision him being the "cool" kid if he was human, ha! He even survived a slight attack from Mollie's daschund, Sammie, and walked away with a chunk of missing hair. I think I may have a few new friends to ask a favor to dog sit when we leave town ... get ready for the phone call girls!

Thanks for letting us crash your place Moll ~ it was great fun!

Tomorrow, I leave for Chelan with Shelby, Jamie, Carly, and Jenny DB for a weekend in Chelan (eastern Washington). We are going to celebrate Shelby's birthday and have some fun at the local Tsillan winery, which is our favorite!! Then, I get back Saturday evening and head to NY early Sunday morning. Training here I come .....
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