Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bargain Flats and Wedding Dress Shopping

When Mollie and I went shopping last week, I found these great Nine West flats from Marshalls ..... who would have thought! We were looking for some nic-nacs for the house, and I walked by the shoe section in search for some inexpensive work shoes (since they tend to get demolished during my workday quite quickly in the famous rainy Seattle conditions). I passed these flats and instantly loved them ... you can never have too many pairs of black shoes, right?! They were the only pair on the rack, not tagged, were my exact size, and one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes ever! That's when I made my way to ask an associate how much they were, and the lady tried to help me find another pair with a price tag. Luckily, she couldn't find anything that looked remotely similar, so she grabbed another pair of random flats and said they'd be $15! Wooohoo ~ What a steal of a price for leather flats that are absolutely perfect. It was just meant to be or maybe someone walked in with these shoes on their feet and left without them, ha!

I wore my new flats to reassure Katie that she picked the most perfect wedding dress for her destination wedding!

I so badly wish I could post a picture of Katie in her beautiful dress with the Pfizer girls, but this one will have to do for now .....

Mollie, Me, Katie, and Leigh Ann at Belltown Bride
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