Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not quite what I was thinking

So, I signed up for this new mystery shopping website that had a "Neighborhood Bar and Grill" for dinner available on February 13th. I said to myself, "This could be a fun way to have a free meal for Valentines Day with my hubby!" The odd thing was it wouldn't allow me to know the name of the restaurant until after I applied for it and was accepted. So, I applied thinking Gabe loves food and it can't be too bad of a place .... haha, boy was I wrong!

A couple days later, I was accepted for Applebee's!! I have eaten Applebee's once or twice before, and I never want to go back. I emailed Gabe and told him to put it on the calendar because we have no choice and have to go. He died laughing because he knows I hate Applebee's, and he asked jokingly if this is our big Smith V-Day celebration. Too funny!

I will let you know how it goes, my goodness, I have no clue what to order this time around. Any suggestions from Applebee's lovers?


Jordan Lugar said...

Arrie and I love Applebees. What is wrong with you? Your Grandmother loves Applebees too. It's in your blood. You will like it. Just be open to it. Arrie always gets some kind of queso dip appetizer thing that she loves.

Gabriel said...

Is it odd that my first posting to your blog is to defend the honor of Applebee's? Maybe so, but I have to agree with my wise brother-in-law here, Kelso. Applebee's is a magical land of moderately-good appetizers and American comfort food -- with something for everyone. Haven't you seen the commercials? They say something about "the neighborhood" so you know they're pro-family, which is all I look for in a restaurant.

Jordan also points out that it's in your blood. Your BLOOD, Kels. So no more complaining about The 'Bee, as I like to call it. You have to stick to your roots. Happy early Valentine's Day, babe.

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