Monday, December 15, 2008

What a sweet, sweet friend!

Thanks to my sweet friend who has been by my side my entire life ... she continues to add to our friendship my helping me on this blog :) She offered to spice up my page after it being too boring (let me remind you I have had this blog for for 15 hours), and TADA look how amazing it is! Who needs a graphic design degree if you have creative spunk like her. Seriously, I told her she could make them for others and make extra money on the side. Then, she reminded me that took half of the morning, 10 phone calls back and forth, and a little bit of love.

Thanks AbbyDae -- you are phenomenal! You can see her blog at, and she is updating hers if she didn't use all of her creative juices on me.


thekrecks said...

It looks amazing love! I'm so glad you like it! ANYTHING for my kel kel!

Chanes said...

it's great! i loooove the top pic!

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