Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Vacation

This weather has put a slight damper on our Christmas plans, which was to travel to Pagosa Springs, CO, and have the first Christmas with the Brooke's and my side of the family at my Paw Paw's cabin. We were going to arrange our flights to meet my family in Albuquerque, and then drive 4-5 hours on one of the most treacherous passes in blizzard type weather. Pagosa has gotten 75 inches of snow in the last 5 days! So, Paw Paw made the decision that it just was not worth the risk and decided to have us all meet in Dallas. Momma is now scrambling with the sudden curveball to have it at their place. We are thankful to hopefully still be able to fly out of Seattle and see everyone.

I am praying for clearer weather so we can at least get out of this city! As of right now, Alaska Airlines canceled all flights out of Seattle. The local news said Horizon, Jet Blue, and Frontier also canceled flights for the night and tomorrow, which makes our luck of flying non-rev (stand by with Mom's tickets) not looking too good. There is supposidly a de-icer shortage not allowing the planes to then take off, so who knows what will happen! We will just cross our fingers because it seems as if a ton of families are stranded at the airport with no luggage and not being able to get another flight reservation for a couple days.

Gabe went to the Seahawks game today with clients, which was Mike Holmgren's last home game against Brett Favre and the Jets. I drove him to the game so he wouldn't have to pay $40 to park (yes, that is what they charge right by the stadium) and walk half a mile in the snow. It snowed the ENTIRE game, so this is the one game that I am thankful I didn't get to go to. On the other hand, I was too nervous to drive home in this crazy weather, so I parked at a Krispe Kreme a couple blocks away and got a cup of coffee for 5 cents!! The franchise said everyone should be able to afford coffee even with an economic crisis, so I support them every time I am in the area. It was more relaxing to read a book until the Seahawks won and he was ready to leave than try and drive 20 miles on ice/snow.

I should probably mention that I have had horrible luck in this city driving for a living and with a jinxed SUV. Within the last two years, I am embarrassed to say I have been involved in 6 accidents; 5 being non serious fender benders, only 1 being my fault, and 1 very scary experience. I should be getting a new vehicle in the next couple months that should make all the difference in the world :)

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Abby said...

Let me know if you EVER get to Dallas! I wish we were getting snow like you guys! It is beautiful.

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