Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's About Time .....

Well, I have held out long enough and it seems like the perfect time to start a blog. The first question a lot of you might ask is if I am preggers! It is so common for us naive bloggers to enter this crazy new world once we find out we're pregnant. Ha, I am not pregnant yet, but when the time is right and it is in the Lord's plan, then one day I hope to be! I will be patient until then.

I feel like I have so much updating for all of you blog readers (might only be my Momma, Sister Arrie, best friend Abby, and possibly a few more....ha), so I don't even know where to start. Gabe and I have been married for two and a half years, live in the amazing pacific northwest, and enjoy spending our days together. He is my other half that shares in my excitement, my frustration, and loves me till no end. The best part about my husband is the fact that we share a common belief in God, he is my accountability partner in life, and he is the one who picks me up when I fall. Aren't they the best?! I could never imagine not being married and coming home to cook for myself, watch our favorite shows together alone, or sleep in the middle of the bed without him saying scoot over.

For all of you that know me ..... I have a camera in my purse at every occasion and am known for documenting everything. I like being involved in the chain of fun news as well as I enjoy staying connected with each and every detail between friends and family. So, this just seems perfect, right? My sweet husband tells me that sometimes I leave out details when I tell stories, which leaves the listener slightly confused, so I will have to be careful of that on here :)

I was so blessed to have my Momma, Arrie, and favorite (he is the one and only) nephew Griffin come visit for almost a week at the beginning of November. We took them on their first ferry, tried to teach Griffin to crawl in Seattle since he was oh so close, cook wonderful meals, and most of all enjoy our special time together. Here are a few fun pics!

We just spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with Gabe's family in Tennessee! Gabe got to see all of his cousins who he had not seen in almost a decade, saw every person from Mark and Robin's side of the family except one, made it to church to hear Mark preach, and ate Chick-fil-A three times! Thanks Robin for hosting both sides of the family in your home.

I got to bring little Harley to play with her two other Yorkie cousins, Luna the Chi-weenie, and Kela the Golden Retriever. I could not stand leaving her in a kennel, so I just had to bring her! The dog, Duke, in the picture with Gabe is so precious. Robin rescued him from a puppy mill, and his life will forever be changed to become a lapdog that is spoiled rotten. He sticks his tongue out like this 99% of the time!!!

The Smith's

The Gills

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and yeah for blogging!


Chanes said...

welcome welcome! so fun. glad to see how happy you are and how wonderfully you are doing!

Arrie said...

Yay Yay Yay!!! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to!! LOVE YOU SISTER

Jordan Lugar said...

So happy that you have a blog now! Better keep it updated often. Miss you in TX.

Robin Smith said...

This is wonderful my dear! You did a great job of creating this blog. May I also say how thrilled I am that Gabe is making you so happy. It is obvious to me that you are bringing HIM great job as well. I have been praying for you long before I knew you, in fact before you were born. Look how God has blessed our family by bringing you into it. I love you sweetie!

thekrecks said...

WHOOO HOO!!!!!!!! Love it love it! Can't wait to read more...Post often. Infact, please post more than me. I am a slacker :( Love you

Jacci said...

yay for a blog kels! I'm excited! and it's so super cute!

Joy G said...

Hello, Kelsey--I hope I did it!!! You did well by changing it-I really enjoyed reading your blog--so neat. I will be checking it often.
We missed you at Thanksgiving, but glad that you had a great time with Gabe's family.=Love you--

GG & PP said...

My Precious Granddaughter! How exciting to read the "Seattle Smiths". You are so talented and the whole blog was so amazing. It will be an easy to keep current on the Seattle news! I felt like I had a personal visit with you. Thank you for all the cute pictures. You made our day!!! Hugs & hugs, Granny Gayle

Jenny DeRaspe-Bolles said...

Kelsey, thanks for the email about your new blog. I miss you guys and Harley! hope all is well and Happy Holidays!! love Jenny DB

Joy G said...

Hello, Kelso--I just wrote a comment, but it did not go through--will try again. Just wanted to let you know that I just got caught up on your blog--had been behind. Love reading all that you write. Was wonderful being with you at Christmas--just not enough. Wish Gabe could have been there, too.

Looking forward to seeing you again. Hope all is working out with your job. I read about layoffs, and think of you.


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