Saturday, August 21, 2010

Voltage HELP

My Paw Paw advised me to look up the voltage of all things I would want to plug into a converter since the US system is different than Australia and most other countries.

Cell phone charger ... Check
Cannon camera charger ... Check
Panasonic camera charger ... Check
Sony video camera ... Check
Chi straightener ... FAIL 

Warning: Chi flat irons only work in USA and Canada with 110 Voltage.
DO NOT use in foreign countries with voltage converter!

I just had a flashback to my trip to Vegas without my handy straightener.  BOY, was that vacation rough without it considering I use a CHI every day and have since 2003, and I used it the morning of my flight and forgot to pack it after it cooled off.  Thankfully my hair isn't out of control curly, but I depend on it!!

Has anyone had luck using their CHI straighteners outside the USA or Canada?


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I wonder why you can not use it with a converter?

Joanna B. @ Newlywed Tales said...

I'm sure your hair will look fabulous! Mine looks like Shakira without my straightener! I suggest using a blow drier and Moroccan oil :)

Lindsay said...

I had no idea about this! Wow crazy

Anonymous said...

I would look for a cheap straightener when you get there--the voltage (even with a converter) will destroy your Chi. I know many girls whose Chis were destroyed in abroad and they also blew out the power in the building! You can usually find a cheap, but good, straightener at a local drug store.

Rachel said...

I tried to use mine when I went to Europe (England, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria) and I ended up blowing a breaker in Austria, and frying my converter in Germany...soooo, my advice is don't try it :) Or at least just take a cheap straightener that you wouldn't mind messing up. It worked in a few places, but I wouldn't risk it. SO jealous of your trip, by the way :) Can't wait to see all of your pics!

Kaleigh said...

I took my straightner with me to Paris, converter and all I had little luck with it. Needless to say, my hair was curly in every photo.

Cheryl said...

no clue, I rarely even do my hair so my straightner has dust on it..never mind venture outside of north america!!
Good news to share to your readers though, thanks!

SEW said...

I had a friend who took hers to Europe (London, Paris, Rome) and used hers in every place. She just didn't leave it on long.

Brittany said...

I was told not to try a Chi but my mom and I went to Italy last November and she brought her "Instyler" and it worked like a champ! Maybe something to look into..?

Candice Lynn said...

When I went to China we could not use any straightener. Someone tried and it melted.

Teresa said...

Girl! I took my CHI to LONDON!
Got my converter/adapter all ready the first morning!
Was ready to get all dolled up for our first Big day in London!
That thing all but freakin smoke and everything when I plugged it in!
I was mortified!
NO feakin WAY was I going that whole European vacation with out a flat iron!
Greg was like OH LORD!!!!
He knew I was getting ready to have a break~down!
Like a BAD one!
I pranced myself down to the nearest hair salon and bought me a European flat~iron!
Then...guess what!
When I returned from Europe!
I wrote to the company and begged them to exchange it for an American flatiron...and they did!
And I still use it! yeah!
Let me know what you figure out!
When do you leave?

Tara said...

i'd die.

Jon and Steph said...

I live in Germany and sadly I cannot use mine! I actually have two, and as we speak they're collection dust in the basement :(

Shannon said...

Your Paw Paw is so smart! Oh gosh, I'd be lost with out my Chi! Hope you work something out! I am going to have to check out the Moroccan oil Joanna suggested, she's about the 1 millionth person I've heard that swears by the stuff!

LG said...

Tred lightly!! We ruined some electronics while in Italy bc we ignored the voltage issues!! It kind of popped and then no longer worked again

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

For sure leave it at home! This happened to me in Italy so I just ended up buying one there since I was living there for three months.

Chardonnay said...

Huh. I didn't know this, and totally used my chi in Ireland, Italy AND Greece! I did notice that it got super super hot. So it probably wasn't the best idea... but it still worked!

Chardonnay said...

In response to your comment - yes, it's a chi :)

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Um totally check the blow dryer! I blew mine up in Australia! Not cool with long hair either in winter!

Rachel said...

When we went to Europe, I borrowed a Eurpean straightener from SoCalNewlywed! She was my lifesaver!

Mrs. Buck said...

when I moved to London for a year I brought my straightener (not Chi) with me and the first morning before work I plugged it in with a worked for about 30 seconds and then the plates MELTED OFF!

Don't do it!

Unfortunately it appears the options are either go without...or buy one there - maybe you could sell it on Craigslist or ebay when you get back to someone else who is planning to travel.

Stephanie said...

I wouldn't try it. We went to Italy and my Mom plugged her styler in and the thing started smoking and our AC worked funny in the room after that, so I think she did some damage to the electrical system. I'd just buy one there.
Make sure to do a big post about it when you get back. Hubs and I are planning to go in February.

Lea said...

I took my CHI straightener to London last year and our hotel had U.S. wall outlets too. Most updated hotels in Europe should have U.S. wall outlets so you won't have to use your converter too much. :) We can only hope and pray! Haha My hub and I are going to Switzerland in October and ill be so upset if I can't use my straightener.

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