Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So Many Visitors

I am getting so excited for all of my upcoming visitors!  The next couple months will be quite hectic, but a very eventful month filled with good memories.

My Aunt and Uncle from Dallas, along with my two cousins, will be visiting the Seattle area and traveling south to the Olympic National Forest.  I am so excited to spend the tail end of their vacation with them and show them all of the sites in Seattle next Friday.  It is Daniel's 16th birthday, and I think I have thought of the perfect place to get seafood and eat on the pier overlooking the Puget Sound.  Mollie thinks they have the best clam chowder, and Harley (my yorkie) thinks so too since she ate an ENTIRE bowl of it out of the car :)

The following day, my mother and father-in-law will be arriving to Seattle for a fun-filled week of vacation during their Spring Break.  We don't have much on the schedule so far, but I am sure it will fill up quickly.

Then, I travel to Dallas for Griffin's (my favorite nephew) 1st birthday.  It will be so nice to be in Dallas and be with all of my precious family.  I really cannot believe he is about to be a year old.  I sure am getting old.

Yes the traveling isn't over for me, and I will fly straight from Dallas to Vegas for a week to launch a new product.  I have never had the chance to launch a product before, so this should be an exciting week for me.

Drumroll please ...... I just was surprised by Abby that she is coming to visit!!!  YAY.  It has taken three years for this day to come, and I seriously could not be more thrilled.  Abby will get along perfectly with my best friends, and I cannot wait for her to see my life in the northwest.   You know who you are .... so save the weekend of May 2nd.  Abby wants to go to a winery since she has never been to one.  She is leaving her sweet six week old baby at home, so we will have a fabulous time in peace and quiet :)

By the way, training has almost come to an end.  I am just ready to sleep in my own bed with my hubby and puppy dogs!!  The countdown has begun, and I will be home Friday evening.  Gabe and I have a fun date night planned for Saturday night since I have been gone for what seems like forever ....


Arrie said...

Yay for visitors!!

Abby Kreck said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT! I'm so excited! Love you!

Mollie said...

We survived NY! Are you going to miss having me as a roomate with my night terrors!

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