Friday, March 6, 2009


This week of training finally concluded today. One down, one more week to go, but thankfully I have the weekend to re-coop even though I won't be laying too low!!

A friend of ours informed us of a shuttle that would be available so we wouldn't have to take a train into the city. So, Holly and I caught a shuttle from the Pfizer office (it is about 45 minutes outside to the city) directly into Times Square. Pfizer offers a free shuttle, three times a day, into the headquarters office, which is in Manhattan. It worked out perfectly, and there was no stress involved. 

We're staying at The Time in Times Square and got settled in by dropping off our bags. We then went and walked up and down Times Square while we had the chance. Our hotel has a great location that is so ideal. Of course, we stopped in at the W hotel and the Crown Plaza to look all around and see how it compared to ours. They were really nice, but a little out of our price range.

We also got in line to get broadway tickets half price to see a show, but Wicked was already sold out. That was the one Mollie, Holly, and I for sure wanted to see, and we didn't feel right just buying another show without Mollie having a say. Now that she has landed and almost into town, we are going to chat and try again tomorrow. They had Shrek, Mary Poppins, Little Mermaid, Chicago, the Phantom of the Opera ..... Etc! I think I want to see Mary Poppins over any of them if Wicked isn't available :)

Now, we are back in our room resting our little feet until Mollie gets here. I have been taking lots of pictures, of course, and will update you more soon.

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