Saturday, March 21, 2009

Note: Lots of pictures from NYC

First steps in Times Square and loving it!
Holly and me in the lobby of the Crown Plaza - We will be staying here next visit :)
Lobby at the W Hotel

We had the most fabulous dinner at Buddakan in the meat packing district.  It came highly recommended from a friend of mine who lives in Manhattan, and we loved every bit of it.  We walked from Times Square here to get some exercise, save a taxi ride, and thought it would be lovely to see the city.  The next day, our feet were absolutely killing us, and we really regretted the 36 block walk!!

This was Holly at the end of Mollie and my photo shoot wanting to go home!  haha

This was all the first day in NYC, and the second day is coming up next ....


Arrie said...

I love the purple flowers behind you in that picture! And you and Mollie's haircuts are presh!

Kelsey Smith said...

Throughout the week, we had at least five people ask us if we were sisters, and one person asked if we were twins. Maybe it was because we both were wearing the same brown Juicy suit ...

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