Monday, March 16, 2009

I always

Have my camera in my purse for immediate use to document anything and everything. Add Marie as a middle name to my good friends name and call them by it (you know who you are)! Wear my Mac powder NC42 (thanks to the twins) and is often the only makeup I have on sometimes. Run listening to an ipod, and if I happened to forget it I won't get on the treadmill. Wear my seat belt. Check the mail everyday when walking the dogs, even though it only consists of bills and most often letters from Granny Gayle :) Take things personal. Find reading incredibly relaxing and love falling asleep while doing it before bed. Order kids meals at restaurants when able. Wear my emotions on my sleeve. Pray before bed with the hubby. Check my bank accounts online religiously (meaning once a day, Gabe claims more) even though crazy things aren't taking place. Fill up the car with approximately only 25 miles left to empty. Switch topics quickly. Talk to Harley in a baby voice, which all my friends love me for. Wake up to a good morning wake up call from Gabe. Eat grilled chicken for most meals - it's my staple. Upload my pictures chronologically, and put them in photo albums in order with dates on the back. Check my email in the middle of the night on my blackberry. Do the laundry without separating colors and just throw it all in. Thank my parents for teaching my finances early on, and I still think I am the norm even after Gabe tells me I am an exception. Love pedicures even though I don't get them as often as I'd like. Come home from work and change into workout clothes, in hopes of having no excuse to not go to the gym. Cannot stand when people are mad at me and have to make amends or else I can't get it off my mind. Take pictures of things/items and email them to Abby, Arrie, or Mollie for confirmation before purchasing. Know how to cheer someone up. Tivo shows that I am not 100% interested in, which adds to my gazillion list of shows to follow. Am paranoid of getting pulled over for speeding since I drive for a living, but luckily have only gotten one ticket. Get at least 8 hours of sleep. Spend too much time on my laptop and can find anything to consume my spare time with. Last, but not least .... like consistency and doing things the way I always do them.


czstout said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abby Kreck said...

Hey blog idea stealer. Good list!

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