Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't Miss Out

Ladies, ladies, ladies.
Just wanted to send a friendly reminder that this could be yours ....

To snag a $50 giftcard to use on

(Not on this post)

Currently 43 comments ...  
Are my 1100 followers hiding?!?
Check it out & thank me later - Just love their stuff.

It ends tomorrow 10pm PST


Missy said...

fab giveaway! enter me x

Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

Jenny DB said...

1100 followers? HOLY COW. JEEZ Kels!

Tatum-LeTard said...

Kelsey, Halfway through my trip to Seattle I thought about you living there! I wish terribly I would have contacted you before we left. That would have been so much fun. But as much as we loved it, we will definitely be back... seriously we are obsessed! :) We must get together when that happens!

Tatum-LeTard said...

I also just saw your comment on your hubs parents living in Knoxville! That's where Tres gre up and where most of his family and friends live!How funny!!! If we are every there during the same holiday, we will have to meet up! :)

Joanna said...

Hi Kelsey! I haven't stopped by in awhile and wanted to say hi :) Have a great rest of the week!!!

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