Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thailand: Day 8

At this point, we couldn't believe we are halfway through our vacation and still have so much time remaining to soak up all of Thailand.  After us having such a busy day prior in Chiang Mai, we wanted to plan day 8 as we the day went.  It started with a yummy breakfast spot with fantastic coffee.   

It still makes me laugh that the menu 
we ordered from most every day was from a picture.

That's the prettiest lion I'd ever seen - IN a coffee cup!

I don't talk about my career much on my blog for one reason or another, but being that I am a pharmaceutical representative ... I always take a picture  by a pharmacy or anything drug related out of the states.  Most often they are advertising one of the drugs I sell, but in this case the broken English made me smile!

At 10am, we went back for our first fitting at the tailor, and I was so pleased to see the style and fit to be similar to what I pointed out from the book.  Such an experience seeing it all come together, and can you believe they had this much of the suit made in just TWELVE hours?!?!  Someone was busy working through the night to make two suits in the short window.  We were super pleased so far, and I just had to request a little material to be let out in the thighs as they didn't have much give for sitting.  I would of had an interesting time getting in and out of my car 15x a day, but luckily those changes could be made based on how far they had progressed.

I had Googled crossfit in Thailand prior to leaving on our trip and had read that there was ONE box in all of Thailand, which happened to be in Chiang Mai.  Gabe and I were determined to pay them a visit, and it was like a scavenger hunt to find tucked away off the highway.  I almost gave up at one point as our English map wasn't very helpful to our Thai speaking driver.  45 minutes later ... WE MADE IT!

We had never worked out in a hotter environment, it was something else
but just loved the open feel with bamboo "walls" so to speak.

Power cleans in a developing country rockin' my Keens ... so cool!!

Our most favorite memory was learning about THE "prowler."  Who knew after 2 and a half years of crossfitting, that I would have to travel to Thailand to learn about this piece of equipment.  

It drained every bit of me to have this part of the WOD!

With the nice trainer who's originally from Boston.

Our evening was spent at the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar 
with tons of shopping, eating, people watching, and exploring. 

Can you believe the number of scooters?  
This is the locals way of transportation and so happens to be 
the number one cause of death for foreigners, scary stuff.

Took a break from Thai for some pizza ...

I loved my new find - beautiful sandals

We ran into our friends from Pantara Elephant Farm

Here is a quick clip to capture the Night Bazaar!

Clearly I was in another world as Gabe took this right as we arrived and I was curious to scope it all out.  The best part about this market was they shut down the street for miles for locals to sell their local handmade items.  They were all so unique.


J and A said...

Amazing. I adore that you went to crossfit there. So great. What an amazing trip!

J and A said...

Amazing. I adore that you went to crossfit there. So great. What an amazing trip!

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

Thanks for sharing pictures! I love seeing your adventures in Thailand. Glad you guys had such an awesome time!

TaraR said...

I love all of the post about your trip! There are already so many places that I want to see but I might just have to add this one to the list.

It's always so neat to experience another culture, makes me have a entirely new view about life back here in America.

Thanks for sharing!

Allison said...

That's so neat that you two had tailored suits made there. How nice!

Caroline said...

I am finally getting around to reading about your AMAZING trip! The pictures I am sure don't do it justice. How beautiful?! And I am totally jealous of the elephants.

Bobbi said...

I love hearing about this trip! And your photos are great!

Carolyn said...

Looks like a blast! I can't believe they made that lion in your coffee!!!

Meredith said...

Still look amazing and the lion in the coffee so cool

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I had no idea crossfit was international - that is so cool you guys went! (And so good of you to work out on vacation!)

AbbyS. said...

I am catching up on your trip and I so want to go now! Great adventure finding the CrossFit gym, fun times. But from the looks of things you all don't miss very many workouts! ha! :)
Looks like so much fun.

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