Friday, November 18, 2011

Thailand: Day 6

*I apologize for my absence as we moved and had a HUGE flood, argggg more on that later.  BACK to Thailand, as I'm determined to finish this out :)

Day 6 started out with another delicious breakfast at Baan U Sabai, and you can see the "Traditional Thai Breakfast" photographed below.  It consisted of pork, white rice, and cucumbers.  Plus, it came with green chilies, which we loved and added a great additional kick in flavor.  It reminded me more of a lunch meal, so it was a little unusual for me ... but we wanted to eat the way the Thai do.

One of our favorite guys who made us espressos every morning

We stayed in the top rooms with a balcony overlooking the pool, 
but I thought the rooms that opened up tot he pool were quite unique.

I think he was on his 2nd or 3rd espresso - we are coffee/caffeine junkies!

Then, we checked out and moved AGAIN to Saithong Guest House.  I loved this place as it was so reasonably priced, directly in the middle of all the action of Old City where we could walk everywhere.  It had such a cool field and was seriously like a tree-house.

Then, we were off to explore ...
Seeing one of the many temples in Old City

I love graffiti and even blend in, can you see me?!?!

Oh just typical things at the market - FROGS, SNAKES, and FISH!!!

Lunch at Hot Chili - such a fun little spot

Next Thai adventure ... go to a Thai Boxing Match.  This was a must-do for Gabe with me just being along for the ride, ha!  We got VIP tickets sitting ring side, woot woot!!

Here's the matchups

Just wee little kids ... they sure start them young.

Yes, girls boxed too ...

About 8 guys got in the ring and matched blindfolded, hysterical!

The main fight

Late night dinner at a street vendor, perfection, more Thai food please.

Then dessert with a banana pancake, a first of many throughout Thailand.

Stay tuned for my next post, the MOST exciting day of the trip ... 


MCW said...

I was eating pasta and saw the snake bucket. Ew.

Liesl said...

You guys are the cutest couple and I love all your fun great! Sorry to hear about your flood, but hope all is well and thanks for taking the time to share these...I always love seeing all your pictures!

Liesl :)

Meredith said...

Sorry to hear about the flood, that stinks. Love the pics, snakes are so gross. Www

Arielle said...

love the pictures! sorry about the flood, hope it all worked out!

TaraR said...

What a fun trip! I can't wait to see the rest of your photos. It looks like you had an amazing time.

Your newest follower

Michelle A'etonu said...

wow! i'll have to add thailand to one of my must-see list of countries. my dad went there years ago for an army mission and loved it. the sight of those buckets with snakes just gave me the chills! you guys are such a cute couple!

Lil' Woman said...

Sorry to hear about the flood.
Snakes and frogs....I don't think I would be able to eat anything there, I'd be skeeved.

Tamara Nicole said...

So much fun! Minus the snakes, ewwwww. You guys are adorable!

Anonymous said...

wow all of the food, that pool, the boxing match! What a trip!

Jax said...

Love that you went to a thai boxing fight! So cool! And I also really love that your hotel looked like a tree house! I am sorry to hear about the flood, but am glad you'll be able to stay where you are, friend.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

That tree house looking hotel is so cool! And I am so sorry about the flood. :(

Honey B. said...

So glad you're doing more pictures! :-) So sorry about the flood! :-(

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