Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wishful Wed. Topic ....Re.live

(Guest blogging by Tracy)

Since the lovely Kelsey is tied up this week - I offered to help her out with one of my favorite blog topics - Wishful Wednesday!

Sometimes we have a day - or even a moment - that we WISH we could do over and over again.

This weeks topic is:

'I wish' .... I could re-live ___ 
over and over again!

If you had to choose one thing - what would it be??? 
(If you have one, post a picture of this moment or day!)"

Tracy @ Then I Got To Thinking  :)

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Kelly Denise said...

ooo I love it!!!!

Melissa Miller said...

What a wonderful idea!
Hmmm...I'm thinking here...:)

Jax said...

What a great idea... I'll totally have to come back and do this tomorrow!! :)

Jonathan & Megan Lenz said...

great topic! can't wait for tomorrow!

Candice Pair said...

Hmmm so many to chose from!

Tracy-Girl said...

Yay!! I am so excited to do this one! Thanks, Kelsey!

Allison said...

AWw! I don't know of any days I want to "relive". I hope I haven't lived the best day of my life yet.

Jenny DB said...

this is a tough one!

Carol said...

Good idea Tracy!

Priscila said...

haha what a great blog!!! Loved this topic....you are right we all have those moments!

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Alicia said...

ohhh thats a great topic!!

Neha said...

Hey, am a relatively new follower...so would need a little explaining on how this works. Do you need to write a post with this subject in your blog or write your response in the comments section? Please help! I so want to be a part of this!

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