Friday, October 30, 2009

One Week

One week left ....
to order this fancy handsculpted blown glass bottlestopper
OR any other fabulous find at the Tanner Glass Etsy shop!

I love how she gifted with it with a bottle!!

**Be sure to take advantage of 15% off 
all orders by Nov 6th
by entering "Seattle Smith's" in the message box!

What's your favorite Etsy shop?? -- Do share :)


Kelsey712 said...

Scooters dog tag came from Urban Puppy and I really love it. That was my first Etsy purchase and I was definitely pleased :) I think I could become really addicted!

Brunch at Saks said...

Oh I love Esty! Heading over there now to check out her shop! My favorite Etsy's are: (Cute things for around the house) and (really cute personalized and special plates! Fun for gifts too!)

Have a great weekend XOXO

Abby Kreck said...

oh my goodness!! IS that the one you got?!!!!!!!!!

short southern momma said...

saweet!! Hope your having a great weekend so far! = )

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

We got a handblown glass stopper as a wedding gift and i LOVE it! I will have to check out her shop.

Must admit I haven't really explored the etsy world, but has an etsy store and I'm in LOVE with her lanterns. I own 3 and have given 2 as gifts. They're amazing!

brooke said...

hey lady!!! i cannot believe this is my first time making it to your place I LOVE IT!!! and i LOVE AND MISS SEATTLE so what gives....forgive me i can be a blogging snail...definitely following and sidebaring you!!! and i think i need one of these immediately...i love it!!!

MissJody said...

Very nice idea :)

Very cute!
I wish we drank wine...

Teresa said...

Hi Kelsey Girl!
I do love those bottle toppers...and I wish you a lovely weekend! When are you headed to TX?
We're staying in tonight and snuggling on the couch...with big bowl of popcorn...and watching "The Lost Boys!"

Tanner Glass said...

The talent on Etsy is can be overwhelming to sort through it all. Feel free to check out My Favorites (items and sellers!)

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