Friday, September 28, 2012

Garen's Bridal Luncheon

My family pulled out of my parents driveway in Dallas at 4am, which my sleepy self was not accustomed to as my body clock recognized it as 2am Seattle time ... But, it was well worth the early trip to Midland, TX just in time for Garen's bridal luncheon and kick-off the wedding festivities.

Hubs was a happy camper 
to sneak in Chick-Fil-A breakfast along the way.

There were 20 or so gals/women and I there was a huge surprise for us to see Garen wearing Granny Gayle's wedding gown.  She wore it 60 years ago, and my Great Grandmother Vera sewed it for my grandmother using material Paw Paw brought back from Japan after the war.  We were all in tears hearing the sentimental story behind the dress, so special!!

My momma put together this "frame" on posted it on Facebook.  
I'm very impressed and now I need to figure out how to make one!

My dear sweet eldest cousin is super ready for her wedding day ...

Now that's a GLOW if I've ever seen one!


Meredith said...

Love the dress,that's so sweet! Do you use Instagram? You can download the Instagram collage on your iphone then email them to yourself and post them, that's how I've been doing it for Millie's monthly updates with the number of months or with the date.

Jessica said...

She's going to be a gorgeous bride!

Jamie said...

THAT is a wedding glow. She looks so happy. Have a wonderful weekend.

Charlie's Mommy said...

How cool is that, that she wore her Granny's dress. What an honor!! She is beautiful.

capperson said...

She is gorgeous and definitely has that wedding GLOW! Love that dress!!

josephinechoo said...

Your cousin is pretty! Her smile is so sweet.

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Definitely a bridal glow!! Beautiful!

Tara said...

How sweet! I'm sure she is going to be a stunning bride!! :)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Your cousin looks beautiful! And I cannot belive that is your granny's dress - AMAZING! It looks so beautiful even after all these years! Love your dress too - where is it from?

Drew Watts said...

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