Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wish it would slow down

Hi sweet readers!!  Gabe and I just got home from 10 days in Dallas, and we were able to spend such precious moments and time with both sides of our family and extended family.  This is rare as we are all so spread out, but 24 of us came together traveling from TN, GA, OK, and the rest who reside in the Dallas Metroplex.  AND, a newest Smith addition - Stockton - who just turned 2weeks old!  

Hope everyone had the most wonderful holiday with family, friends, and ones to love on. It never ever gets old telling close ones you love them.

Gabe and I are off to visit a new place to ring in the New Year, 
which is why this post is picture-less.  Come back to see where we go :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gifts, gifts, gifts

Practical or unpractical?
Whats YOUR favorite gift to give/receive during this season?!

I personally am one that LOVES to gift and receive something that is needed but also desired.  Which most often means .... practical as I am a pretty realistic person.  And, my most practical gift for Gabe and myself was a Lululemon shopping spree.  Gabe just got hooked after wearing a pair of shorts during half of our vacation in Thailand (without access to a washer) as they don't hold the sweat odor.  Yesss!!!  I'm loving him on board, although my wallet isn't thanking me as it's never ending to just keep adding to our collection.  Their stuff is seriously the best.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

And, my newest find ... the hana straightener!  I just got the hana Elite 1" ceramic straightener, which heats anywhere from 140-450 degrees!  It's must more lightweight and smaller than my previous one. You better believe my CHI, which I have been loyally using since 2002 ... will now be shoved to the back of my drawer as I am loving this new straightener.  If you are in the market for a new hair straightener, check it out here!

What's your favorite gift you gave/received this year~?!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tis the season

  Merry Christmas ...
From our house to yours!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Korea: Day 15

After flying through the night, we were super excited and anxious to explore as much as possible during our 18 hours in Korea.  We looked like total tourists as we were not dressed appropriately as we still were living the "island life" and it was chilly weather and somewhat similar to Seattle this time of year.  Except there was LOTS of sun :)

Taking public transportation, the bus, from Incheon Airport into Seoul

We made it to the streets of Seoul

It was a gorgeous day

Caffeinated up 

Admiral Yi Sunshin

King SeJong

National Palace and Cultural Museum

Gyeongbokgung Palace

I tried to tell this young gal that I went to college at SMU, but she didn't speak a bit of English ... so I settled for a photo together instead :)

and this was the potty in the women's restroom ...

Felt right at home in Korea with a Texas bar - made me smile

Next stop ... food!  And we ended up at a packed local spot with locals for Korean BBQ.  It was an experience of a lifetime, as we were clueless on how to order when no one spoke English.  If only someone recorded us attempting to communicate .... hilarious!

Priceless face - We weren't sure what anything was!!!!

We just loved it - Cool temps in the 50's and we were dressed for summer.

Then we headed to the Namdaemun Market ... which was one of the craziest and most wild experiences of my life.  We heard it was an absolute MUST see if we were in the city, and let's just say I was overwhelmed instantly.

We are so glad we got to see the city and would love to come back when we have more time.  We were surprisingly able to see a lot during our visit and would love to come back again as it was too quick.

After Korea ... we made it back HOME!!! 
Being back in America never felt so good.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thailand: Day 14

Our very last day was in Thailand was amazing.  It was spent with such a special Australian couple, Megan and Andrew.  We might of snagged spring rolls (once again) and enjoying every last bit of our trip.

Around 4pm we cleaned up, checked out, and headed to town for one last dinner before catching a red-eye flight to Korea.  Sweet guys, saying goodbye to our friends at the BoPhut Resort and Spa!

Our last legit Thai meal in Fisherman's Village

Our Australian friends are in church ministry and have traveled the world.  
What wonderful people serving God and loving people.  After hours together, we learned of many countries to add to our bucket list and have friends to challenge us spiritually on the other side of the world.

The last two weeks were better than we ever dreamed of them being.  Gabe and I created memories that will never be forgotten, and I hope the beauty of this country and love of the people was shown in my posts.  It was such an incredible place with respectful and hard working people that made you just fall in love with their culture.  

It was bittersweet leaving, but we are forever grateful for the opportunity we had to spend it in Thailand.  Next action item, getting as much rest as possible on the plane for our nights sleep ... we were hoping to be well rested for ... a day in KOREA :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thailand: Day 13

Quote of the Day - "It's SO hot"
Now let me put these next photo in perspective for you ...

Describing the heat is totally a task because it's impossible to put into words .... except for it was SO HOT!!  But this picture should help paint the picture as I had been laying out like 20min and was dying.  Re-hydrating with lots of water was a must as I was sweating everything out!!! 

Here's a little clip that expresses our heat exhaustion :)
and Gabe and I were thinking the same thing of "it's so hot" as he says it seconds after I did!  I just cannot imagine the heat in April, which is their most humid time of year.

My little model :)

And we cleaned up for a date night in Chewang, another part of the island where it was quite lively with lots of shopping, people watching, and dining!

That is ONE scooter with two adults and two kids - scariest sight EVER!!!

And we had to RUN for cover and grab dinner earlier than anticipated as it was pouring.  Our first time to see rain all of the trip, and boy did it get us.  And then it was ironic, as the only time it rained on us was when we were far from our hotel and out about exploring the streets of Chewang.  It didn't stop us as we still were determined to get our last shopping in for the trip!

Speaking of rain in Thailand, I just wanted to send our thoughts to all of the families in Thailand that were affected by the floods.  Just awful, and I'm thankful that we were able to get out prior to the devastation.

Blessed to be safe in our amazing country!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thailand: Day 12

I woke up most mornings and would get some quiet time in prior to Gabe 
joining me at the pool.  I thought it was cute he documented the resort/me!

Ahhh the vacation life ... How could this ever get old.

AND, I had to document the spring roll gals that I mentioned in my last post.  This was their "stand" on the sand, rain or shine ... they were there.  It was the most fabulous spring roll I've ever eaten, and we supported them three days in a row for lunch as it was the perfect lunch snack after a big breakfast.  I am a super picky eater and meats gross me out, so it really was the perfect fix for me.  They also made a tasty salad with all fresh veggies and a spicy dressing.  Delicious!!!

Then we worked it off with a long ride in the double kayak - although, I must say my husband didn't appreciate my kayaking skills.  He said I made it more frustrating and requested I just sit there in the middle of sea and enjoy the sights.  Haha, really Gabe!?!

The beginning of this makes me smile with us saying "hey" same pitch and all, and then I may make you sick trying to figure out how to kayak while videoing.  I mastered it later, but this one ended up being my fav!

Then our afternoon daily massage:  these Thai gals loved Gabe ;)

and we went back to our room TO FIND a package with our name on it.  Our SUITS (yay yay) delivered as promised, such a relief.  We will be using Thai Tailor for years to come as they really did an exceptional job and exceeded our expectations.  Sure hope my weight doesn't fluctuate, ever, as they only have the current measurements on file.

Swanky little outdoor bar with swings I loved

Nom nom nom - The Thai food never got old

and our night ended watching the stars ....

If only I had a trust fund and could quit my job and escape to the other side of the world, just to travel from country to country.

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