Monday, January 4, 2010

Wish Wed. Topic .... Hair

Okay, so we get to celebrate the fancy Wishful Wednesday button one more week, right?!  Thanks Teresa @ Blooming on Bainbridge for dressing' it up - this might be your job for all the next holidays :)

This week's topic is ..... 

'I wish' .... I had _____ hair/hairstyle!
(Ang's idea @ Short Southern Momma)

Post a picture of that favorite celebrity who pays beau coups for their fabulous 'do!

Seems applicable since I just posted about my hope for long, thick, flowing locks!  So, copy the button and post your response to the sentence above on your blog this Wednesday, as well as come back and add your link to MckLinky so others can hop on over and read your response!  Try and visit at least two or three others on the list :)

****For all of my new readers, Wishful Wednesday is meant to be something fun to get us through those lovely hump days.  It may be a wish, a hope, a dream, or an aspiration -- some topics may be fun and playful while others more insightful -- but most importantly, it will give us an opportunity to get to know our fellow bloggers a little bit better, and see what makes us tick ....


The Links said...

Bachelor was on tonight. Hope you got to watch it. If not you can always watch it online tomorrow if you didn't have it DVRed.

Meghan said...

THICK LONG too me too!
Thank the Lord for extentions :) xoxo

Katie said...

I just caught up on the blog... so cute! Miss u buddy!

Teresa said...

It's about HAIR!!!!!
Well now...let me see!
I'll decorate buttons for you for whenever and name it sweet Kelsey!
Let's see...who's hair do I like besides mine????
I won't tell you what it looks like tonight...but let me say...the sight of it bundled so UP on by head...almost cracked greg up into tears!
Let's put it this way...
it's been through two the damp air...and a curl gel treatment!
I must wash and flat iron 2morrow!

Llama said...

love this one!

MissJody said...

Great topic..
I just colored my roots yesturday...
I love evrything that has to do with hair.
Just anything to make a woman beautiful! :)

I love Carrie Underwood's Hair :)

Kara said...

Great topic! I need to schedule a hair cut---maybe I can find a new 'do!

Susan said...

Oh, this should be fun...what woman doesn't want some other woman's hair!!!! Ha!!!

katie + bret said...

oooo this one is going to be fun! Good choice, good choice.

Am I allowed to be bald? Don't you think that would look amazing on me?


nifer said...

Kelsey, thank you for filling in my Wednesday gap! You'll see more and more of me on Wednesdays this year (I hope!).

Molly said...

I love the idea of Wishful Wednesdays, so glad I found your blog! I want Reese Witherspoon's hair.

Bobbi said...

I love my hair! It grows super fast so I can change my hairstyle frequently, and I usually do. :)

alyssa said...

cute idea! i just got bangs & well, they are not working for me! so i would have to say anyone without bangs! haha!

OceanDreams said...

I wish I could switch back to short and then long hair...but then I would have to wear extensions and that would be no fun! :) Great topic sweetie.

Katie said...

I played!

Katie said...

You proud of me?

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