Sunday, April 29, 2012

I've Missed you: Giveaway

Oh my, how has three weeks gone by without giving my bloggy blog some LOVE!!  I have been living and breathing CrossFit in preparation for regionals in 1mth, entertaining TX visitors (can't wait to post about it), a busy bee at work, and  attempting to organize my life as much as possible.  Being busy is a good thing, but when you feel spread too thin it's an entirely different story.  

It will get better ... just checking things off my list!  Blogging has taken more of a backseat this month as my focus is needed elsewhere, but I promise to be back with my regular posts and visits to all your blogs.  Until then, I will bribe you all to stay with me for the time being.  Kirkland's has offered myself and my wonderful readers the chance to snag a darling ruffle pillow of your own.  

The bed rest pillow has a neutral cream color, ruffle mid section, and padded arms which make this shabby chic and super comfortable to lay on.  

Look who came and plopped right next to me on the armrest ...
My cuddle bug yorkie approves for sure!

The company has recently launched MyKirklands, which is a new community with inspiration on decorations, tips and giveaways, discussion boards, etc.  Check it out.

To enter this giveaway, it's super easy:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Seems ..... doesn't it?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dallas Prayers

WFAA - TV posted this picture on Facebook along with many other terrifying photos of the damage done thus far from the Dallas tornadoes.

Thinking of all my Dallas family and friends spread out all over the Metroplex along with those who have been affected by the tornado damage.  Scary stuff when it's all out of your control.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Crossfit OPEN 12.5

I know I've left all ya'll hanging on the final week of the CrossFit open,
so let me introduce you to the last and final 12.5 workout.

When I saw this workout, I'm not going to lie ... I stopped mid WOD (workout of the day, is what we call each workout) as this was released at 5pm.  First being because my coach informed me of 12.5 and it had a skill I have NEVER done in 3 years of crossfitting, I panicked.  Secondly, fear took over my body along with a determination that ... I have to get a "chest to bar" pullup, no if's and's or but's.  

So, I got to the bar and worked for two hours on muscle memory to teach myself a chest to bar, which is a pull-up with contact (to the clavicle) each time.  I thought my boobs would help me here, but they didn't at all, dangit!!!  HA!  

I love CrossFit in general because you don't really know what to expect a lot of time in a workout, and it mentally sends you to another place to push through, stick with it, and challenge yourself more than you anticipated.  This workout more than any of the others in the OPEN was mentally that extra push for me because I didn't know what to expect with a brand new movement.

With Gabriel Mark cheering me every step of the way ... I hit 80 reps in the 7 minute timed window.  And, my muscles didn't fail me, whew!  It was exactly where I wanted to be, although of course being crazy competitive I wanted more.  I even attempted it again 36 hours later hoping to improve my score and unfortunately I didn't have it in me since the chest to bar pull-ups took more out of me than I realized.  They are draining!

I proudly finished my first CrossFit OPEN ranked #171 out of almost #1100 female competitors in the NW.  Super happy about checking this off my list as it really was a cool, exhilarating experience, that I will never forget.  Our box, NWCF Bellevue, kicked some tail coming in at #12 out of #120 teams earning a spot to compete at regionals in 6weeks .... AND Gabe and I made the team!

So, you will continue to hear about this journey for me as I've got some intense training ahead of me.  What better time now now :)

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