Monday, September 19, 2011

Dreams becoming reality

After pulling an all nighter to get acclimated to Thailand's 14 hour change, 23 hours of traveling, and excitement of our adventure ahead .... Gabe and I just wanted to say "Hello from Bangkok!" We're safe and soaking up Thailand.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Funniest auto-correct EVER

I was texting my sister in law and made a error while typing ... as we can all relate to as our smartphones trying to "outsmart us!"  She told me to check out this site, and boy is it hysterical!!

Of them all, this was my favorite

I was on the phone w/ them while reading them out loud, I have never laughed so hard ... Like tears streaming down my face. 
 Can you imagine receiving this text, Bahaha!!! 

 Has auto-correct gotten the better of you?!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Nespresso Fans

Our Cuisinart coffee pot from our wedding registry is now 5 years old and is on it's last leg.  I like my coffee piping hot, and it lets me down every time with a lukewarm cup since the warming plate must have lost it's mojo.  And, Gabe claims that our current DeLonghi espresso maker is too time consuming to use, so it just sits on the counter.  Ahhhh -- Really?!

So, I am on the hunt for a new coffee/espresso maker 
that is convenient and easy to use!  Have you seen the Nespresso D120?  

The perfect marriage of form and function, the Nespresso CitiZ with Aeroccino Plus is not only artfully designed but also delivers truly remarkable beverages. The CitiZ takes advantage of Nespresso’s capsule technology to brew fresh, single or double espresso shots. Its simple push-button operations have made the CitiZ popular with critics and consumers alike.

Now, the CitiZ has been paired with the Aeroccino Plus milk frother to offer more choices for the home barista. Remarkably, the Aeroccino plus can froth both hot and cold milk! If you prefer an iced cappuccino or latte, you can froth your milk cold. If you like traditional, hot beverages, the Aeroccino plus will froth and heat your milk to deliver the perfect temperature and consistency. The machine comes with two attachments: one for steaming and one for frothing. With advanced single-serve capsule technology and a simple steaming/frothing solution, the CitiZ and Aeroccino Plus pack is truly a match made in espresso heaven!

This is totally on my wish list, a little pricey if you ask me at $350.  Although, with the capsules being like .55 cents each, it seems to be a steal compared to running to Starbucks everyday and buying whole beans.  :)

Friday, September 9, 2011


I am becoming more of a hippy and granola gal by the second. Maybe not fully, but I told myself when I moved from Texas that I would never drive a Subaru. Well, now I do and am totally in love with the practicality of it being in the PNW.

Now, Keens. Me-oh-my. These just make me laugh. I just purchased my first pair of Keens (and have yet to pull off the tag as they are a slight stretch for me) from REI as Seattleites swear by them. And, in all honesty they will be perfect for my trekking in Thailand. That will be the real test ;) I was modeling them for Gabe last night, and he said I looked like a triathlete with them in addition to my attire.

Bam, they are intense. I've been told after hiking, camping, and doing anything in water, i will never go back. Those "granola" gals got nothing on me .... As I will never wear them with socks. Yes, many do!!!

Do you wear Keens?!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last chance for white

And you better believe I took advantage of wearing my favorite white pants I got last season from Anthropoligie one last time before Labor Day.
 Citizens of Humanity pull through once again ;)

Do you follow the "white" rule?!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Seattle Adventure Run

Hello Seattleites, if you haven't heard already, Road Runner Sports in Seattle hosts an "Adventure Run!" that is too good to pass up on.  The first Thursday of every month, Greenlake ... 6pm.  

It's a fun, hour long run that involves maps, music, strategy, and meeting hundreds of fellow Seattle runners.  The goal is to make it to as many checkpoints around the greater Greenlake area and obtain tickets to enter into the raffle.  Then, a drawing takes place for gift certificates to local businesses and running gear.  The best part, IT'S FREE!!!

The BIG reveal of checkpoints at 5:59pm, then the stopwatch begins!

Erik had crazy good navigation skillz that helped a ton ...

Home stretch with my RunKeeper iPhone app telling me we trekked 4.75miles.  How bout my new compression socks.  Gotta love em'

Such dear friends of mine -- Kristina and Coral

See why it's called the FUN RUN!!!!
Looking forward to ones ahead.

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